Sunday Sunning after the Storm?

squirrell 001I went out to go to the laundry room a little while ago and spotted this squirrel.  It was laid flat-out on the deck railing.  It is sunning itself?  It wasn’t very sunny when I saw it.  Or possibly flat-out tired?  Or laying in wait for the dog who had the dead baby squirrel in his mouth recently?  The thing that got me was that I saw the squirrel and I went back into the house to get my camera.  It waited for me.  I took this photo.  Then I went on down the stairs to the laundry room, did my thing there and came back up.  It was still there.  I came in and folded the clothes, then I went back out to check on the squirrel.  It was still there!  The sun had peeked out from behind the clouds and it was in the sunny spot.  Maybe that’s all it wanted.  It was gone an hour later when I checked on last time.

Until next time….

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Nature’s Treasures

baby racoon tracks 001I live in a rural area.  My father designed and built the log home I live in.  I wish I had known during the design process that I would someday live in this house, because I would have recommended a few things.  One thing I would have suggested is that the laundry room be IN the house.  It’s not.  You have to go outside.  It’s attached to the house, but you still have to get out in the heat, cold or other weather to wash your clothes.  I’m thankful there is a laundry room, but it’s still somewhat of a hassle.

To make matters worse, the laundry room was added as an after thought.  The outside wall to the laundry room was built from inferior logs that dad had discarded as not usable on the house itself.  These logs have now rotted and are falling down.  It’s going to take us a while to save up the money to fix it all.

close up

close up

One of the true downsides of this happening, is that critters can get into my laundry room when it’s shut up.  I’m always afraid of what I might find in there.  As I’ve been told in the past, there is a silver lining to every cloud in your life.  Today, I saw the silver lining!  Tiny, little baby raccoon foot prints in the mud in my laundry room!  They are no larger than a dime.  That one in the top left looks like a flower in person.  It’s just precious!  Maybe that’s what my dogs were barking their heads off over last night.

Until next time…..

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For the last ten minutes or so, I’ve been listening to an owl in a nearby tree WHO-ing to his heart’s content.  It’s been wonderful!  It’s a fine end to this day.

Memorial Day hit me pretty hard this year.  I don’t know why.  Although, I’ve had many family members serve in the military, I’ve been fortunate enough not to have lost anyone near and dear in a the service of our Country.  Maybe it’s because my son and so many sons of friends serve now and I know we could suffer their supreme sacrifice.  Or maybe it’s because I watched several war related movies over the long weekend (The Fighting Sullivans and Twelve O’clock High were both great) and have been watching The History Channel’s The World Wars.  I also came across a blog posting on that shared several letters war letters from guys who didn’t make it home.  All of this has made me sad and grateful.

Today was also the day of Maya Angelou’s passing.  I’ve been reading quotes from her most of the day.  What a magnificent person she was!  This evening, I came across a letter she wrote to her younger self on the blog Letters of Note.  It’s a very interesting blog.  Although I loved Maya Angelou’s letter, there was another I loved even more written by Helen Keller.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

I hope you’ve had time for reflection this week.  And time for joy.

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A Rare List it Sunday List

Today, I am loving…

  • The CBS Sunday Morning t.v. show.  I watch this weekly and love it every time.
  • The Texas County Reporter t.v. show.  Another show I watch every Sunday and love every week.  This week’s episode consisted of reruns not shown together before, making it a “new” episode.  I still loved it!
  • Reading the newest PostSecret blog posting.  I’ve read every book he’s put out and am looking forward to the new one — coming soon.  I’d love to see his in person presentation one day too.  I’m trying to think of my own, long-buried, secrets to mail in.
  • That everything I had up for auction today on eBay will sell!  (I’m still in the process of cleaning and de-cluttering my house.  Part of this is selling off the Silpada jewelry I bought, that I didn’t want to keep, while I was a Silpada Rep.)  My own little public service announcement for the day, if you are ever going to be a jewelry rep, only buy the pieces you really love.  Do not buy things that you think will generate purchases for you at parties!
  • I’m anticipating a phone call from my friend Beth this afternoon!  I haven’t talked to her in months.
  • My Texas Rangers are winning their baseball game!  It’s been a rough year for my Rangers.  Lots of injuries and more game loses than I’m used to seeing from them.  When they win this game, they’ll be at 500 for the season, so far.  Hey, it’s a start.
  • I’ve been cleaning my dried out fountain pens.  I hope to start writing some letters again soon.
  • Drinking a second bottle of Snapple Peach tea today.  I felt a little afternoon slump that sugar and caffeine can fix right up.
  • I’ve already danced for my minimum allotted time today.  I danced to Happy repeatedly.  If you don’t know the song, click on the link and be happy!

What are you loving today?


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Thankfully, a drowned Scropion Doesn’t Sting



I’ve been feeling rather cocky this spring.  It’s late May and I haven’t seen even one scorpion in the house this year!  My hubby has seen three or four, two of which have stung him, but still it’s better than last year.

Last year, I was seeing them daily and sometimes three or four a day.  These scorpions didn’t just say hello, they surprised and stung!  I was getting punchy from finding them so often.  Not to scare you out of ever visiting me — they would not only climb into bed with me and scare or sting me at night, but they sometimes dropped from the ceiling onto the bed or ME and scared or stung me at night!  I mean last year was horrible, horrible, horrible with scorpions!  We finally had to spray for them even though I really hate to do that kind of thing.  I just couldn’t take it any longer!

A few months ago, I read that drinking from a straw or a sports bottle would end up giving you the same lines around your mouth that smokers get.  So, I started drinking my water in used Snapple Peach Tea bottles.  They hold 16 ounces and I can keep track of how much I’m drinking.

Scorpion in tea bottle 004So a few minutes ago, I’m looking at blogs on the computer and grab my tea bottle to have a bit of water.  I feel something go into my mouth that is definitely NOT water!  I spit it back into the bottle and look inside.  Guess what I found?  A scorpion floating around!  I don’t give a good dog gone damn if I do get smoker lines, I’m going back to my sports bottle!

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A little Tease

Color fun!

Color fun!

I went to one of my happy places last Saturday!  It was my sit and sew group, formally known as the Jane Does.  We sewn and sometimes retreated together for years and years.  Lovely bunch of women.  I’ve had so many family obligations that I’ve only been able to join the ladies a hand full of times over the last four years.  I’ve really missed them.

Unfortunately, I found out Saturday, that the group has pretty much fallen apart recently.  I was the only person to show up to sew.  A bit sad.  Two ladies did show up a couple of hours later to visit.  It was nice to see them and to get caught up.  I really enjoy the visiting with this group even more than the sewing.

While there, I decided to cut fabric for my current project.  By the time I got through with the cutting, I didn’t have much time to sew, so I loaded up and headed home.  I don’t know what I’ll do next month on sit and sew day.  Chance being there alone again or just stay home.

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20 Things I’m Loving Today — List it Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve written a list of things I love.  Time to remedy that.

  1. Going to the movie theater with my momma.  Especially to a $4 matinée!
  2. Have a theater in Gun Barrel again
  3. That I made it home before the storm started
  4. Storms — but really only the non-damaging and non-dangerous ones
  5. How green everything still is in my part of Texas.  Won’t be long before it starts to brown in the heat
  6. Postage Stamps — little works of art
  7. Phone calls from Middle C
  8. Making my son laugh
  9. Feelings of accomplishment
  10. Seeing the scale headed down instead of up, even if it is really slow
  11. Skinny Pop popcorn — this stuff is packaged like big bags of potato chips and is so much better for you
  12. Avocados!
  13. Hearing birdsong
  14. Indian Blanket flowers along the roadside
  15. Getting errands run and over with
  16. Snapple Peach Tea!
  17. Reconnecting with friends
  18. When I feel chilly enough to cover up with a quilt
  19. My husband being home so I don’t have to take the dogs out in the rain
  20. Small kindnesses

That’s what’s on the top of my head right now.  What are you loving today?

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Bed in a Box

the mattresses were each these duffle bags in a box

the mattresses were each these duffel bags in a box

My son is very busy and orders a lot of stuff from Amazon instead of spending precious time in stores.  I spent most of November and just about all of December with him and his kids last year.  During that time, he ordered 2 new twin sized mattresses and a full-sized mattress from!  I would have never thought of that.



rings and misc 004They came in little boxes!  Inside they’re in duffel bags and the mattress is wrapped in plastic.  It was amazing to see them pop — and I do mean POP — out of the packaging.




rings and misc 007This third picture shows the mattress right after it pops out of the plastic.  It’s a little unwieldy at this point.







rings and misc 009Then you have to let the mattress rest so it can plump up to its maximum size before you use it.  I think it was 48 hours, but I may not remember the time correctly.  It felt like a really long time since the mattresses that were being replaced were so worn out.

They aren’t the best mattresses I’ve been on, but certainly not the worst either and worth the money they cost, I do believe.


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As Promised — Months Ago

found in Lewisville, TX.  Thanks to Sandy B.

found in Lewisville, TX. Thanks to Sandy B.

I’m been MIA for months, as you well know.  I’m sorry.  Other than a few health related problems earlier in the year, I have no excuses.  I just let the bits of my life take over.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things now.  I hope this will be the first of many regular posts to come.

Today, I want to finally show you the Sponge Bob Square Pants mailbox I saw!  I talked about hoping to see it in this post last year.  Unfortunately, I missed out on the Sponge Bob postcards.

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A Belated Happy New Year to You!

I’m back in Texas after being in Oklahoma almost two months. Trying to get over some allergy crud. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things around here. I’m writing a few letters and planning to get more into sewing again soon.  I’m even planning to go to a quilt retreat in April.  I’ve had a birthday.  I think I have a few pictures to share with you, but I haven’t uploaded them yet, so they’ll be added later.  So many plans and so confused as to where to start!  I wonder if that will ever change for me?  Life …. always a fun challenge.

Happy New Year.  More soon….

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