I added some pictures

For my picture a day challenge today, I took pictures of my dogs and let me tell you, it was indeed a challenge to get a picture of Barkley! He wouldn’t sit still for anything and I tried just about everything. I should warn you, in case you ever visit, he has no manners whatsoever! It’s totally our fault, but just the same, you’ve been warned.

I had to wait until he ran himself ragged before he would sit still enough to get his head in the shot. That’s why his tongue is hanging out so. Elly was quite cooperative. I think she likes to have her picture taken. At least until she gets to wondering about that thing I’m holding and then she’s not too sure any longer.

Barney was hard to get the other day too. You’ll notice the bed is a mess. I had just gotten home from a trip to CO to see my sister and her family. It really wouldn’t have mattered though, I’m bad about not making the bed properly. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that the curved log walls behind the bed need to be vacuumed again! I think vacuuming your walls should be a once a year job. Unfortunately, my house feels that I should do it more often. If you ever contemplate building a log home, call me. I can give you lots of advice!

The picture of me is also one I took as one of my picture a day pictures. A self portrait. This was the best of the bunch. I deleted the others. I hate to see myself in pictures, but I’ve decided that my son and Grandkids need to have some photographic record that I did live. There aren’t that many of me from my son’s growing years. I regret that.

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2 Responses to I added some pictures

  1. AuntMo says:

    Hey, I love the pictures of the dogs. Barkley is so beautiful….er….uh….I should say handsome! I have not seen him since he was a baby. Love your blog!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you auntmo! I agree that Barkley is a handsome fella. He’s also a mess! Hope you visit often!

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