One of my favorites!

I have to share this picture with you. I was visiting my son and his family in April of 2007. I think the girls had just gotten up from a nap or it may have been the first thing in the morning, I can’t remember and I can’t really tell from the picture. Even my son making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches isn’t a big tell because we tend to eat weird things at weird times in our family (I don’t even think PB&J for breakfast would be weird!). But, I digress — my son was trying his best to ignore me since I’d been sticking the camera in his face every few minutes trying in vain to get ONE GOOD PICTURE and since I told him I wasn’t taking a picture, he was able to. CV has the messy hair and the big yawn. Little CL is looking right at me. It’s so hard to get natural, everyday pictures. At least for me. The kids always get to acting goofy as soon as they see the camera come out and my son and M don’t want their picture taken, so they’re always trying to hide. JT is seldom to be found! That child never stops moving, it seems! So I love this picture! It is one of my very favorites that I’ve ever taken. Seeing it makes me happy!
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