A Quilt for Momma

I started this quilt during a trip to Nashville to see the AQS show and my friend Beth. We rented a room and stayed for several days and got to sew and see everything. I remember the room wasn’t too great. I think there were ants in it and the mini fridge didn’t work well. The air conditioner may have leaked too. But it didn’t matter. Good friends and good times won out! On this trip, I discovered Keith Urban! No, I didn’t see him. He was on a rerun of Austin City Limits that we watched. I’ve been a hard and fast fan ever since. I was piecing this quilt the first time I saw him singing.

I made the quilt for my momma. She loves log cabin quilts and fall colors. So, it was hers from the very beginning. I picked each fabric as I thought of her. She didn’t know about it until it was hanging in the Dallas Quilt Celebration. Months later, she was kind enough to loan the quilt to me as a sample while I was teaching this class at the Quilters Connection in Dallas. When I was finished with it, I kept it in my car to protect it from my husband’s cigarette smoke until I saw her again. One day I went out to my car to get something and looked at the quilt and saw a hole in it! Something had eaten the backing and batting right up to the top of the quilt! Of course, I knew that the something was a MOUSE! Yes, I had a mouse inside my car and it wasn’t the first time either! (They can crawl in through your air conditioning system.) So, I yanked that quilt out of that car and took it inside to the relative safety of smoke and planned my next moves. I set traps for the mouse and found the same fabric that I had on the back for the repair. When I called my momma (I was all upset) to let her know about the damage, she laughed! I guess she knew (better than I) that in the grand scheme of life, this really wasn’t that bad. She sure made me feel better. I patched the hole and since I’m not very good at machine quilting, I asked my friend Carol Mo. to do that part for me. She quilted in the original holes and you can’t even tell it’s been repaired from the front and you have to really hunt on the back to see the repair. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the completed repair.
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2 Responses to A Quilt for Momma

  1. Britt says:

    That’s such a pretty quilt! The one for Mollie, I mean! Oh goodness, she would laugh. I always feel better when she laughs about things, because I know it’s not that bad :]]

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you. I feel better when she laughs too. I also feel happy when I hear her laugh.

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