Talking to kids

I love to talk to kids! You just never know what they’ll say. My granddaughter CL is always interesting to talk to. She may converse back and forth with me (as in let me ask questions and she’ll answer them) or she may carry on a one sided dialogue telling me about everything and anything that has happened over the last year. She has done the one woman show since we first started to talk on the phone and I’ve heard in great detail about Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in April or June of the next year! Now that she’s grown up some, she does listen to me and knows that she can take an occasional breath and I may ask a question for her to answer. It’s always a treat to me when she does this.

Now CL is just precious and I love her dearly, but she’s never seemed to care as much for me as CV does. Don’t get me wrong, CL and I enjoy every minute we have together, but when it’s time for me to go home or them to leave, she takes it in stride and pretty much says “goodbye, I love you” and doesn’t look back. So, I’m always a little surprised when we’re on the phone because she always asks if I’m coming to see her today! I can’t tell you how much it pleases me to hear her ask that and at the same time saddens me! I would love to be able to tell her YES each and every time, but we live in different states. Something I didn’t think of when I was picturing grandchildren. I always thought they’d basically be right down the street. So, yesterday when she said “Gramma, are you coming to see me today?”. I had that same thrill and swift kick of sadness. I said “No, honey I can’t.”. She said something next that she’s never said before “Grampa won’t let you, will he?”. I was so surprised by this question that I know I sat there with my mouth open for at least half a minute! Then I decided against explaining financial woes and calmly said “No, he won’t!”. She made this little “tisking” noise that said exactly what she thought of that! It’s that noise that all women recognize and understand and I was totally shocked was coming from her at the tender age of six! Kids are so much fun!

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