I realized last night that I had not taken a photograph in two days! The reason for this is that I’ve injured my right thumb somehow and my whole hand has been in pain. It’s been difficult to do anything and everything. The easiest thing is typing on the computer and that hurts too, especially if I do too much of it. Hand writing in my gratitude journal has come to a stop also, but I’ve still managed to stay within my 4 times a week goal. I’ll restart the photo challenge today and it will just end a couple of days later than the 1001 day challenge. Or maybe I should replace it on the list and make the photo challenge a separate challenge. There are actually three other items I’ve been thinking of changing on the list – #14 Sew every week (my machine is in need of repairs), #79 Let 10 people go before me in line (feels pretty lame since I do that kind of thing a lot anyway) and #88 Learn to paint old looking signs (what in the world would I do with them?). Of course, I have no idea what to replace these items with, so for now, they’ll stay. I’ll let you know if I change them.

I did change my birthday idea (#76). For the doing something different for my 50th birthday, I used to have down getting a tattoo or having a charity type party. Now, I’ve got down something that I have truly dreamed of doing for several years. Having a weekend with all of my very favorite women together! A quilting retreat type weekend. I’ve told two friends about it so far. One was a little less than enthusiastic. Her reaction made me realize that in this financial climate, it really may not be possible to have my friends fly in from different states for a weekend. I doubt they can afford the travel expenses and I doubt I can afford the lodging expenses or meals for a crowd. So, now I’m not sure what to do about it.

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2 Responses to Challenges

  1. Britt says:

    Oh man I was looking forward to the tattoo!

  2. Sharon says:

    Well Sweetie, you’re more than welcome to get another one! I just keep thinking of two things said by people. One was my dad saying he wished he’d never gotten his. The other was on TV when a character in the show said he didn’t understand why someone would put something on their body that they’d never hang in their living room! I can’t think of anything I’d hang in my livingroom to put on my body — so far. 😉

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