Calgone Take Me Away……

Sometimes I just want to leave. Get in the car and drive to points unknown. Today is turning into one of those days. First the chicken I’m cooking is questionable. I had three packages in the fridge and one had gone bad. The other two smell fine, but the house now smells like bad chicken. I’ve sprayed the house, but it’s still lingering like a bad omen of dinner to come. Makes me want to chuck it all and go out for pizza.

Then I’ve been worried about a friend for several days. I decided that I had to email her and express my concerns for her today. Always a dicey thing to do. You never know how something is going to sound in email. She seemed to take it the way I intended it, which I am extremely grateful for, but I don’t know that I helped her.

Next I got an email from one of my nieces in which she’s chewing on me for something I said about her mother, my sister. Again, you never know how something is going to sound in email. I didn’t mean anything by what I said and was only stating fact. My sister and I have not always gotten along, but we have a wonderful relationship now. I try very hard not to jeopardize our relationship in any way. Sis is extremely busy and has gone through some horrible health issues in the past. She’s handled things that I honestly don’t know that I could have handled. Had I been in her place, I may very well have ended up in a padded room at the funny farm, but Sis handled it with grace. I truly admire her for that. So, to have my niece misconstrue my meaning totally floored me and upset me more than a little bit. It brought on the “Calgone…take me away….” moment. That moment took me to the photo section of the computer to look at pictures I’ve taken along the way. The building here is of the Duomo di S. Marco in Pordenone, Italy or in English, it’s the Cathedral of Saint Marco in Pordenone, Italy. I loved the angles of the different parts of the building coming together there. I’m sure Italy at this time of year is just beautiful. Wish I was there right now.

The picture up top was taken in CA when I visited my son and his family. When I first got there, I thought it was the ugliest part of the country I’d ever been in, but I soon saw a beauty in it that can’t be matched anywhere else. I wouldn’t mind being there today either. I guess I’d pretty much like to be anywhere right now other than at home. I guess I’ve got a good case of cabin fever.

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