Computer Time

Seems I’ve been taking up too much computer time and hubby is starting to get upset with me. It’s actually his computer. So, I may not be able to post as much for a while and that is one reason the posts have slowed down a bit. Fortunately, he just had a birthday and he ordered himself a new computer because this one is slow and very hard to get going. It’s old and cranky now. So, I may get the old and cranky one sometime in the future! I don’t know if we have another monitor though, so it could be a while before I actually use it.

I’ve been making prayer beads and just sorting through the beads. That always lifts my spirits. I ordered some glass seed beads after becoming very frustrated at trying to bead with 2 mm black onyx. My wire fit, but it was so hard to see the holes! Thinner wire could find the holes so much easier, but I don’t have any of that around. After about 2 hours and only 4 beads on the wire, I finally admitted defeat and changed the design. I know, I was being exceedingly stubborn.

Another thing that makes me happy are the rare occasions when I find these wonderful little spice jars! They were made by Hull in the 1920’s. I have 2 of them. I have no idea how many are actually out there. I’ve seen one that says mustard (boy would I love to have that one!). The one I usually see says spice. I’m guessing that more of them survived since it wasn’t assigned a particular spice. Maybe it was the one in the set that didn’t get used much. There are matching canisters also. I used to have 2 of those also, but I gave them to my momma to sell because they were just too small for my uses. The little spice jars on the other hand are huge for a spice canister. They are really good too. At first I didn’t put anything in them. I just enjoyed looking at them. Then one summer I started making this zucchini cinnamon nut bread all the time. I mean zucchini grows so fast and I was pretty tired of eating it every night, so I made the bread and gave it as gifts. Putting the cinnamon in it’s jar made it so much easier to measure. That cinnamon is still in that jar. I’ve bought new cinnamon and am using it from the little metal containers they come in, and I’ve just never emptied the old from the cinnamon jar. I guess because it brings back good memories. When I brought down the jars to take the pictures, I opened up that jar and the cinnamon still smells! It’s not as strong, but after 10 or so years, I didn’t expect it to smell at all. I was prepared to throw it out. I still haven’t.

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