Election Day!

Get out there and exercise your right to vote today folks! We live in a great nation where we are free to vote for the candidate of our choice. This has not always been the case for women and minorities. A lot of people suffered a great deal for us to have that right along side white men and I, for one, no longer take it lightly. I hope that you are a registered voter. I hope that you have already voted today or in early voting. I hope that if you haven’t, you get up and go right now. And if you don’t, I pray that you do a little research on what the people who went before you went through in order to guarantee this right for you. Do not take it for granted in the future. Your vote does count. These elected officials make decisions every single day that effect your life, you money, your future and the future of your children and the world we live in. Put a little effort into reading what the candidates stand for and VOTE! I feel that it is an obligation and a way to honor those who suffered and died so that I could stand in the booth and make my choices known.

Remember there are still many countries in this world where the citizens do not have the right to vote. You are very lucky. Never forget it.

One more thing, I know you’re sick of the election by now. I am too. I decided long ago who I would vote for and then I pretty much muted the commercials after that. I get very sick of the back stabbing and name calling, dirty politics that they all use. But don’t let your discouragement with the system be an excuse not to vote. That is just lazy and you will regret it when the elected officials you didn’t choose make decisions you don’t agree with. I actually voted on Halloween this year. The only more appropriate day I could think of would be April Fool’s Day, but that wasn’t in the early voting period!

The picture shows the little local community center where we normally vote. Since we voted early, we didn’t vote there for the final election, but I did vote here for the primary.

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