Over the Rainbow Bridge

Barney did not get better with medical intervention. I think his kidneys had totally shut down. He was so bloated when I went in to be with him. He looked much worse and was kitty cat whimpering. That’s the closest I can describe it. It was a meowing type sound, but it was definitely a whimper. I spent time with him and then I held him as he was euthanized. I missed him on Sunday when I first left him at the vet’s office. In fact, I woke up three times that night thinking I’d heard him meow. I miss him now and I’ll miss him for a very long time.

It was hard on me. It always is when this horrible situation comes up. It’s the price we pay for loving animals. I know people who choose never to invite another pet into their lives after suffering it once or twice. I think that the love they give us is worth the pain of loosing them. The poem Over the Rainbow Bridge is a comfort to me when I have to go through this. http://www.rainbowbridgepetmemorials.com/ I will also, eventually, get a memorial stone for each pet.

Goodbye Barney.

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