The Last Night of the Last Day of 2008

I had planned to write all kinds of things today. I wanted to wax poetic and be philosophical about the year that is ending, but when you get right down to it, I’ve said all that needs to be said in past posts about this year. I’ve talked about problems and things I’m thankful for. So, maybe I’ll just say a few quick things about yesterday.

I cleaned off a place on my table to put a sewing machine yesteday. My Singer feather weight is in need of repair, so I got out my old Viking. The light was burned out and the closest place to buy one is an hour away. So, I put it away and got out the Singer 301. I haven’t used it in about 10 years. In fact I tried to sell it and couldn’t at a fairly recent Trash to Treasures sale that the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas held. Boy am I ever glad that it didn’t sell! It took me a while to clean up, but she’s running like a top. I’m piecing some triangle blocks for a swap and enjoying every moment of it. As soon as I finish these, I’ll continue to work on a baby memory quilt that’s long over due.

I took a picture tonight of the last sunset. I plan to add it to this post tomorrow. One of my goals for the coming year is to learn how to upload my pictures on this computer all by myself.
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