Bravo for Johnson & Johnson

Richard is healing so well. He’s down to one Band-Aid a day now. We were out of big ones and I asked him to buy some more when he went to the store. He came home with a box of extra large sheer comfort-flex. I looked at the box and was just amazed and thrilled. It has braille on the box! Isn’t that wonderful? I’ve never seen braille on any kind of consumer packaging before. It had actually never occurred to me. My two biggest fears in life are losing my sight and my mind. Of course I know I can adjust, with a lot of help and education, to losing my sight. I’ve even seen quilts in museums made by the blind and believe me, they are better than the quilts I make! One thing I had never thought of though was grocery shopping and how difficult it would be just to do that thing I already hate and take for granted. So, three cheers to Johnson & Johnson for putting braille on their Band-Aid brand bandage packages. I hope I see it on more consumer goods in the future.
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