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I haven’t written much since the show started. I’ve been tired or otherwise occupied. I had to put a lot of things aside for the show, so when it was over, I started playing catch up. Plus it’s just been a busy week.

Wanted to share the pictures that I could. I took the picture of the bluebonnets on Sunday 3/15 — they had just started to bloom. Now, they’re filling out, so I hope to have more later for you.

The lovely lady in the attractive rain head gear is my friend Mollie. It was taken on either Friday or Saturday. It rained both days and they’ve kind of run together for me. I told her I was going to put it on my blog and she just gave me a look. Since she didn’t tell me not to, I took that as permission. She made the jacket she’s wearing from a sweat shirt. She teaches a class on how to make them at Quilters Connection in Dallas, TX. Someday, I’m going to take that class and make one myself. I think they’re great.

The quilt close up is of the wonderful antique that I was allowed to photograph. It’s for sale. Don’t know the price. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll look up the contact information for you. Look at it closely. Some of the tiny squares have been pieced to get enough fabric to make the square! That’s one of the things I love about antique quilts and the people who made them. The squares really didn’t look to be a full inch in size, I think they were closer to 3/4 inch. The quilt was at least a twin size in our modern sizing. Just wonderful!
One of the beautiful quilts in Quilt Celebration 2009 is on the cover of the current (Feb./March 2009) issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. “Vertigo” by Kathy York. I love that quilt and was so pleased to see it in our show. It was my very favorite quilt this year! I just love those little three dimensional birds!!! The sunflower is so fun too! The colors made me happy. It was wonderful to be able to look at it on those rainy days.
Since I found out that I can’t put the quilts from the show on here like I’d really hoped, I thought I’d just list some of the blogs and websites of the people who had quilts in the show. I know that Tonya Littmann has some of her show quilts on her blog, so be sure to go check them out. She is a wonderful art quilter. I just love her work. I’ve met her once or twice, but I’m sure she wouldn’t remember.
I’ve never met Deborah Boschert, but came across her blog a while back and loved her work as well. She had several pieces in the show. Don’t know if they are on her blog or not, but if they are, my favorite was “Fractal Tree”. I love tree quilts! I can’t believe I haven’t made one myself, actually. Come to think of it, Deborah is also in the Feb/March issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.
I know there are many other quilt artists who had quilts in Quilt Celebration, but the only other one I can think of right now if my friend Barbara Oliver Hartman. Check out her website. I’ve loved her quilts for years and the only thing better than her quilts is the woman herself. She’s just lovely.
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2 Responses to Pictures and Updates

  1. pam q says:

    I’ve been waiting for the blue bonnet picture!!! So pretty! We are possibly getting more snow again in a few days—I am very ready to see blooming flowers!!!Love the antique quilt with the tiny squares! How cool is that? I have several quilt tops that my Grandma made, but none with those itty-bitty squares….

  2. Sharon says:

    Pam, I’m looking forward to taking more pictures of the Bluebonnets now that they are a little more full. I’ll post some more whenever I can. I love that antique quilt too. How are you storing your Grandma’s quilt tops?

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