My life — not in pictures

This funny looking little girl is me. I think I must have been about 4, but I’ll ask my momma to take a look and see if she remembers for sure. I found this on my bulletin board with the picture of the hot air balloon ride and had to share it. It’s a shame I can’t find the ones I really wanted to share right now. I’ll have to keep looking for them. Easter pictures of my sister and I when we were little (so funny with our little pointed purses and odd hats!), my high school graduation picture and one of my wedding pictures.

I was talking to my friend Catherine about photographs and how I have avoided cameras for years, literally years. I don’t think there is a photographic record that I lived in the same time as my son growing up! I can think of only one picture of the two of us together and he was a baby. The last pictures I remember having made, that I actually liked, were the graduation picture and wedding picture that I mentioned that I can’t find. She and I are making plans for ourselves as we get healthier and loose weight. (My biopsy was normal, by the way!) I told her when I get to my goal weight, I may just have a nude photo made. She almost choked!

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3 Responses to My life — not in pictures

  1. What a delightful photo of you as a little girl.looking forward to seeing the nude one!!!!!! Ha!

  2. pam q says:

    That is one precious, precious little face! Makes me happy just to look at ya!I want to put my first grade school picture on my blog sidebar as soon as I can figure out how….So glad to hear about your good results with the biopsy!!!!!!

  3. What a cute photo and what stylish glasses! I’d say rather retro :)Thanks for visiting my blog, a new giveaway has just been posted so come by and sign up!

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