My granddaughters are talented. Their talents are very varied too. CV  is an eight year old artist. She draws lovely birds, horses and many other things. CV is in the second grade and reads on a sixth grade level. CL is a 6 year old, very lady like little girly girl who happens to be able to pull up a burp on demand that a trucker would proud of! This is not something I can do — burp on demand — and I’m in awe that my granddaughter has been doing it from the age of five. She loves jewelry and dress up clothes, tiaras and other sparkly things. CV likes those things too, but she’s more artistic and free spirited. I see her as the athlete and CL as the beauty contestant.

Now, I know that CL has other talents that I have not discovered yet. Just today CV told me that CL couldn’t draw as well as her. I told CV that we all have different talents and CL’s talents will be different than hers. I so look forward to knowing these girls more as they grow up.

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3 Responses to Talent

  1. pam q says:

    Perhaps with Caleyn’s help, you too can learn to burp like a trucker before you head back to Texas!!!!!!

  2. pam q says:

    Oh—I forgot to tell you to enjoy those grandkids!Read some books, polish a tiara or two. 🙂

  3. pam q says:

    Yes, it is me AGAIN…..Now that you have pictures, I had to make another comment…..LOVE to Cat Woman eyewear!!!

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