Sweet Smell of Spring in Texas

I don’t live in a particularly pretty part of Texas. I don’t think it’s ugly, mind you, just not something to write home about. Or write you about — normally — that is. It’s home and it’s where I live. Now, Texas as a whole, I think it can hold it’s own against just about any state, but that’s native pride talking. And our land and home, when it’s all cleaned up and company ready, shines like a new penny and is as pretty as a speckled pup! But that is definitely not the same as the area in which I live. Despite the fact that it’s not spectacularly beautiful, it has a certain charm and I like it.

I was driving into Kaufman to have some blood work done when I spotted this field of bluebonnets in Kemp. I’m sure that field wasn’t filled with bluebonnets when I left for CA two weeks ago. I did a little colorful wordplay under my breath because I remembered my camera and also remembered that I had not remembered to change the low batteries. I made a u-turn anyway and went back to see if I could take a few pictures. At the very least, I’d enjoy seeing them for myself.

I didn’t remember that bluebonnets had such a nice scent! Oh my! The sun felt so nice. The temperature was perfect. At that time of morning, it was in the low 70’s. There was this sweet, soft breeze in the air. Part bluebonnets and part “clean” from all the recent rain washing a lot of the pollens away. It was truly a gift to be there. Wish you had been with me.

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2 Responses to Sweet Smell of Spring in Texas

  1. pam q says:

    Such beautiful flowers!!! But you must take it one step further—as Roger says—“Prettier than a red speckled pup sittin’ on the porch in the warm mornin’ sun”.That pretty much says it all….

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh, I like that Pam!

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