My hubby, our white German Shepherd dog Barkley and I are all showing signs that we’re starting to get dispirited about Elly. We’ve been hopeful, even though we’ve been brutally honest with each other about the possibilities of what could have happened to her. As each hour passes, hope diminishes. We’re becoming more sad, grumpy and restless. It’s not really fun at our house today.

Elly had her red collar on when she went missing. She did not have on tags. Of course, I know better than this and that should not have been the case. She does have a micro-chip. I’ve called the AKC Companion Animal Recovery folks (her chip is registered with them) and the Home Again folks (they made the chip and she’s registered with them again now too). They notify vets and pet related businesses within a 25 mile radius and a 50 mile radius, I do believe.

Today, I took fliers to several gas stations, restaurants and one trucker stopped on the side of the road. They were all very kind. One lady at a gas station more than 7 miles from our house said she had seen a large, black dog walking on the side of the highway just a little while ago. I got the direction the dog was headed in and took off. I didn’t see hide nor hair of Elly.

Driving around to these different places gave me ideas for other places to go. Of course tomorrow I’ll take fliers to the local vets, groomers, the Walmart across the lake and any businesses that were closed today or that I flat out missed. I also realized that some unscrupulous person could have purposely snatched our dog with the purpose of trying to sell her in Canton at the First Monday Trade’s Day, which just happens to be next weekend. I think it actually starts on Thursday, but I’ll double check to be sure. I also realized that I could put fliers on the cars in the church parking lots next Sunday. I would have done it today if I’d had enough of them with me or time to get more. I’ll be calling to put ads in the newspapers also, tomorrow.

If you’re reading this and you think of any other places I can try, please leave a comment.

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  1. Restaurants? Laundry mats? Local vets offices?

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