Photo of the week 9 of 39 — Sunset

I had hoped to be near home in time to take sunset photos yesterday. Driving back from Dallas, if I time it right, the sun sets on the right side of the car for several miles. I thought I’d be able to stop and take photos with pasture land and beautiful skies, but my timing was off. So, at the spur of the moment, I took these. Reflections of the sunset in the car mirrors (as I was — very carefully — driving). I actually kind of like how they turned out. I wish I had planned beforehand though, I would have washed the side mirror.

Next week’s theme is Black and White. I know what I want to shoot for it. I also have a back up plan.

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3 Responses to Photo of the week 9 of 39 — Sunset

  1. Anairam says:

    I never wash my car (or rear view mirrors for that matter) – but now I will! What if the opportunity to take an arty photo arises?! PS Like the shorter hair do – I cut mine off ages ago – bliss …

  2. pam q says:

    Now these are really cool!Maybe even cooler than your original idea!But you must be much more co-ordinated than I am. Chances are, I would have crashed the car trying to get the cool photo….

  3. Sharon says:

    I take a surprising number of photos while I drive. I am really careful though. No cars around me and no one else in the car when I do it.

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