Photo of the week 11 of 39 — Logs

I live in a cedar log home that my father built on just over 27 acres in rural Texas. We have a 1/4 acre cemetery from the 1860’s on our property. Unfortunately, when the highway went in, the cemetery was abandoned and headstones were stolen and destroyed. Many were used for house foundations and porch steps, according to cemetery records. Others were just broken to pieces. There is one headstone still standing. It has a father and two young sons listed on three of its four sides, but we don’t know if it’s in the correct place. It had been knocked off of it’s foundation.

If I had known when my dad was building this home, that I would one day live in it, I would have helped him design it. I would have a window over the kitchen sink and lots more storage. I would have a proper upstairs bedroom with a door that closes for quiet and privacy instead of a loft bedroom. My kitchen would be twice the size it is and I would have room for a real table to eat at instead of eating at the bar between the kitchen and living room. Most of that is just piddling little wishes, but the biggest real changes I would have made it that I would have at least one white wall and the logs would not be rounded. You have to vacuum these logs because they catch dust and dirt and believe me, there is a lot of dirt in the country! It drives me totally nuts, and the logs get truly depressing in February when everything is so dark.

The picture is of a couple of the logs in the bedroom. I love this log because it looks like it has eyes looking out at me. To me, it’s the soul of the house.

Next weeks theme is “Spelling Errors”.

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  1. pam q says:

    I noticed the eyes right away! Kinda freaked me out!Just be glad they aren't in your bathroom……

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