Stormy Weather

I had big plans for this week. I had been cleaning my bedroom that also houses my computer and sewing, plus all other crafts that I actually do, such as beading. I had hoped to complete the cleaning out of fabric and oddities which would have gone to the Goodwill. I’ll be taking the fabric to my quilting friend Connie. She has many projects that she does with her quilting and she knows who to give the remainder of the fabric to, if there is some she can’t use. I’m sure that some will end up going to her co-worker and another of my quilting friends, Joan for Project Linus quilts and that makes me happy.
Unfortunately, I’ve had some problems this week with my knees and now my allergies. I just got over bronchitis, so I’m not at all happy about the allergy problems. The last thing I need is to end up with bronchitis again! Needless to say, I haven’t done much of the cleaning out that I had wanted to do or even any of the sewing I wanted to do. I’ve been reading though and enjoying that. One of my all time favorite books is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet and Mr. Follet came out with a sequel to that book a year or so ago. I found it at the library and am very happily reading it now. I can’t pass judgement yet as to whether World without End will also be on my all time favorites list, but it’s sure keeping my interest.
Since I’ve felt less than “up to par”, I haven’t worked on the two quilting projects that I am most interested in finishing soon. One of them is this wonderful pineapple miniature that I started last weekend at retreat. The fabrics are two different hand painted fabrics from Skydyes by Mickey Lawler. The darker fabric was a fat quarter so that will limit how big I can make the quilt, but the lighter fabric was probably a yard and that opens all kinds of possibilities. I could set it on point with setting triangles or use the rest in another project. I had originally planned to sell this as one of my first minis on etsy. I now have my own etsy shop, but I haven’t put any merchandise in it yet. I’m in the photography stage and hope to have some things listed very soon. I will definitely let you know when it’s open. But that leads me back to the dilemma of this little mini. I’ve been calling it Stormy Weather and I don’t know if I’ll keep it (I’ve never kept one of my minis) or I’ll sell it.
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