My virtual retreat here at home is over. It wasn’t nearly as fun retreating alone, but I did make a little progress. As in most retreats, not as much progress as I had planned, but there is always next time.

I finished piecing the Stormy Weather pineapple miniature. I have it layered and ready to baste for hand quilting. I’ve got a batik on the back and I plan to bind the quilt in the same fabric that I used for the borders, which happens to be the fabric used in the “light” part of the pineapple blocks. The quilt is 12 and a half inches square.

I never even got to bring out the second project I had hoped to work on. It will go to the top of my list. Although I am behind on some blocks to send out to friends going through rough patches right now. That won’t take long once I actually pull out the fabrics and print off the paper to piece them on. I’ll try to get those done and in the mail this week. I also hope to get the photos taken for the rosaries I’ve made so that I can get them in my etsy shop by the first of July. I’ll let you know how all of that goes in a later post.

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