Getting to know Katie

First thing this morning, Katie and I went to the vet in Dallas for her check up. It comes with the SPCA adoption. She is such a good travel dog! She’s curious, as all dogs are when in the car. She looks out one window and then the next, but she doesn’t whimper or whine about being in the car. She was also very good at the vet. They all fell in love with her. The results of her checkup were that she has an eye infection. We have medication for that and for flea and tick prevention. We’re good to go. Coming home, she laid down in the seat and slept most of the way.

Once home, I had to run to the grocery store. Richard happened to be home today, so he gave the dogs a chew bone that I had gotten for each of them yesterday. Katie immediately grabbed hers and ran to “bury” it in the chair! Richard said that she was using her nose to try to cover it after putting it between the cushions and was getting frustrated that it wasn’t being covered! There happened to be an old, torn sheet downstairs, so he put it on top of the bone. She was happy as a clam by that! I sure wish I had seen it. It was so funny to hear about.
When I’d read about Katie on the SPCA website, it said she was a German Shepherd/Chow mix. It wasn’t until we had adopted her that we saw by the computer paper work that she is really a Border Collie mix. We’ve figured out that she has a lot of terrier in her. Maybe momma was a Border Collie and daddy was a terrier. That’s my guess anyway. I think an angel had a hand in us getting Katie. You see my hubby is extremely fond of German Shepherd dogs. That was one reason I had noticed Katie on the website and had been able to entice him to go look at her. The day we adopted her would have been my friend Marianne’s birthday. For a couple of months before Marianne’s death, she and I talked about her adopting a dog. She had been bitten a year or so before and was quite leery of most dogs, but when we talked of the type she’d get (when she was feeling braver about it) she only talked about wanting a Border Collie! Now, you may not believe in interventions of this type, but I do. And no one will ever be able to convince me that Marianne did not have a hand in this adoption.

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  1. Sharon I know you'll love your dog. My Toby was a border collie – terrier mix and he was the smartest/best dog I've ever had.Debbie

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