The photo challenge

Pam asked me recently if anyone was playing along with us in our weekly photo challenge. Well, the answer is no. Just she and I are doing the weekly thing, to the best of my knowledge. Then I realized — to my horror — that she credits me each and every single week and I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that she’s doing the weekly challenge also. So, if you want to see what Pam’s been up too, go check out her blog — pquinn a quiet life. I enjoy checking in on her several times a week. You might too. I think she’s pretty cool.

I may have told you this part before….I don’t remember. When I first started looking for a photo challenge to take on, I googled “photo challenge”. One of the many websites that came up was Julie’s. I liked Julie’s website and the different theme’s she was using. Her challenge was a daily photo, but I knew I’d never do that and I decided not to set myself up to fail. I emailed and asked if she minded if I did my own thing with her theme’s on a weekly basis. She basically said ‘Go for it!’. I do love to look at her blog — 365 Photos in 2009 (or maybe not!), at least weekly to see what great shots she’s taken. She also has a list of many people, on the right hand side of her blog under “365 Photo Blogs”, of people who are participating with her. So if you like great photography, I highly recommend you check them out when you have time.

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