Dinosaur fun and climbing trees

My mother, known to her great-grandchildren as Granmolly, brought my grandson a dinosaur thing today. He was delighted by the sounds and movements it made. I never got a great picture of him with it, but I think you can tell that he was happy.

My youngest granddaughter (the redhead) does not like to pose for “pretty” photos. She’ll act silly for a shot all day long, but if I try to get her looking nice, she turns, runs, ducks, hides — you get the idea. She finally posed for this one. It’s a dang shame I didn’t get it better in focus. Don’t bother to enlarge it, it only gets more blurry if you do.

The oldest granddaughter went pretty high in the cedar tree her dad used to climb when he was her age. I should have taken one of the distance up in addition to the close up.

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