Miniature Quilt Update

I really haven’t been sewing or quilting much lately. Seems like years since I’ve done either on a daily basis and today, I realized that I kind of miss it. I went into Dallas for a miniature quilt “class”. It’s really more of a “sit and sew” session with ladies who have grown to be good friends. When I joined the group, we were about to embark on the Dear Jane quilt, making blocks each month when we got together. I’ve started it and only made one or two blocks so far. I keep changing my mind on the color scheme for the quilt. Should it be Christmas colors? I’ve always wanted a Christmas quilt. Or maybe 30’s reproductions or Civil war reproductions (the original was made during the Civil war) or maybe I should do it with batiks. Ugh! I started it in Christmas fabrics and now may change to batiks or I may ditch the project all together. I could always turn the blocks I’ve made into a mini for the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas Quilt Celebration miniature auction in March. Whatever I do, I’ll post photos of it. Anyway, I finally drifted on to work on other projects during that time.

This month, I worked on my Stormy Weather pineapple mini. I’m hand quilting it. Since I’ve only quilted during those classes for the last two months, I have no idea how long it will end up taking me to complete. When I do, I’ll post a photo. Come to think of it, if I actually sew this weekend, I’ll post a photo of that too.

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  1. pam q says:

    I hear ya!Seems like I haven't strung or wired a bead in eons……Kinda makes me cranky.I'll be anxious to see the photos of your projects!!!

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