Photo of the week 20 of 39 — On My Table

I took photos of all the “tables” in my life this week. Well, actually, I didn’t take photos of all of them, come to think of it. I have a couple of tables downstairs that I seldom use. One is an antique drop leaf table that I only use if I’m having a big gathering. The other is one that I used to sew on. It was used last when our son visited. He set up his computer there.
The photos I took were of my computer/sewing table upstairs, the table I had lunch on once this week at Chipotle’s and the bar where we normally eat. That is the one I’m using for my photo of the week. The bar is our “table”. It’s cluttered. I decided to let you see what it really looks like instead of cleaning it off. I’ll be honest, sometimes, it’s cleaner than this but most of the time, it’s much worse. Everything just seems to land here and then stay a while. The only time it’s truly cleaned off is if I’m about to baste a quilt on top of it. It never stays cleaned off for long. There is almost always laundry and recycling on it, plus mail and other odds and ends. Just like this photo shows. It’s us in real life.
Next week’s theme is “temperature”.
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