I’m Learning to Knit

Several years ago, my friend Marianne attempted to teach me to knit. It was at my request, but I was still so very involved in quilting that I made little progress. In fact, I forgot everything she had taught me. We had talked about taking up the lessons again, but didn’t get to it before she passed away. Needless to say, that made me want to learn even more. I don’t remember seeing anything that Marianne completed as far as knitting is concerned, she was a very prolific quilter, but I will forever think of her when I knit.

I went out and bought a “Knitting for Dummies” book. I’ve found many great tips and I’m glad I bought it, but I was still having a lot of trouble. They had three ways to cast on and the one they said was the best for most knitting, was just not making any sense to me. Then I got an email from one of the ladies in my quilting friends group. Debbie Z sent an article telling us about the Sock Summit held in Portland, Oregon earlier this month. In it, one young woman said that she taught herself to knit via the Internet. I held on to the email and tonight reread parts of it. Then I hit the Internet and googled “knitting help”. Found a great website at KnittingHelp.com that has videos, including a video of the casting on technique I had been attempting. I can now cast on! I’ve done it several times in an attempt to get as many stitches as I wanted without having too long a tail at the end. I’m just thrilled. I have these visions of teaching my granddaughters to knit and maybe even my niece B. Of course I haven’t even taken a knitting stitch yet, I’ve only cast on, but it’s never too early to dream big! This photo is of my cast on stitches. I love this baby poop green yarn!
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