Knitting Progress?

Well, I can’t say I’m making a lot of progress on my learning to knit. At least not quality progress. I had to move the cast on stitches to the other needle because I somehow messed up and had the stitch I needed to start knitting on at the opposite end of the needle it was on. How did that happen?

After calmly and slowly moving the cast on stitches, I discovered that I had put the needle through at least two of the loop’s yarn! So, I ripped out through those places and re-cast on. At that point, I started to knit with the knit stitch. I thought I was doing pretty good. I wanted to make a scarf. I had read somewhere that 30 cast on stitches were a good wide width for a scarf. I wanted mine a little more wide, so I had cast on 40 stitches. Looked like plenty of room with just the cast on stitches. As I started to knit, it took up more room.

For the first several rows of stitching, I counted my stitches and made sure I still had 30 on each row. Then I got cocky and stopped counting. After (what I think) is 10 rows, I counted again and I have 44 stitches on the needle now. I increased 4 stitches! Wonder how I did that?

Needless to say, since you can see by the photos, that the needle is a bit crowded. So, I’ve decided to rip it all out and start over with just 30 cast on stitches. I’ll also count after every row to make sure I don’t increase accidentally again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my tension more even too.

Sorry about the dark photo, but I was trying to photograph the actual stitches.

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