Monday Question

I love to write for my blog. In fact, I’d really like to do it daily, but I can’t always think of something to say when I want to write. So, today I dug out a book that I purchased a long time ago — The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D. It says the first printing was in 1987 and this copy is either from the 10th or 5th printing. I don’t know how to tell for sure, but those numbers are first and last in the line of “printings”, so I’m pretty sure it’s one of them.

Anyway, I decided that it might be interesting to ask some of the questions from the book in my blog on Mondays for a while. Hopefully, you’ll want to answer the questions also — in the comments section. I’ll pick and choose which questions I like. For today, I’ve picked question number two.

2a. Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? I do. Here are the reasons why: I feel very certain that my father “visited” me after he passed (in December of 1995) on at least two occasions. The first was the day he died. I had finally returned home from the hospital and had laid down to try to take a nap. I was very upset and having trouble going to sleep. I was on my right side and suddenly felt this weight lean against the middle of my back. It was quite heavy. I could tell that is was my dad and I felt much calmer. I drifted right off at that point, knowing that he was fine. The next “visit” was a few nights later. My hubby was working and my son wasn’t at home (don’t remember where he was now). It was fairly late at night and I was alone with the three dogs that we had at the time. It was a very blustery, cold December that year. My dad had had a horrible time with the wind just cutting right through him. It was very painful and he just couldn’t tolerate it. Well, that night, around 10 or 11 PM, my locked back door came open. All three of my dogs ran down the stairs barking their heads off, with raised hackles. As I crept down the stairs, the dogs stopped barking. By the time I got there, all three were standing, with their tails wagging, staring at the door, which was swinging in the wind! I’m sure they knew it was dad and, at that point, I did too. I remember telling my dad to “come on in and get warm, but to excuse me because I was just exhausted and I was going back to bed”. I went and shut the door again and I checked to make sure it was indeed locked. I went back upstairs to bed. The dogs were quiet the rest of the night.

There were also several other times that I feel that a ghost, spirit or even an angel helped me. I worked in Dallas for a couple of years, driving the 75 miles one way to get to work. On several occasions, during a rough time in my life, I fell asleep at the wheel on the way to or from work. Each time, I had prayed for help getting safely to my destination. Each time, I was awakened by something touching both sides of my face. It tingled. I woke up and didn’t fall asleep again during that trip.

2b. Would you be willing to spend the night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted? If the ghost was not rumored to be evil or hostile, yes, I think I would. I would not stay alone if it was not a friendly ghost. I’ve stayed several nights in haunted hotel rooms with my mother. It’s something we like to do. I’ll have to tell you about our visit during one of them at a later time.

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