Photo of the Week 25 of 39 — Seven

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez wears the number 7 on the Texas Rangers baseball team. We got to go see the last nighttime home game of the season last Saturday the 26th. The Rangers won 15 – 3 and had an 11 run 5th inning! It was so fun! Hubby went with me. It was his first time to see a grand slam live and in person. We are still in the running for the playoffs, but the magic number is only two. Regardless of if my Rangers end up in the playoffs or not, they’ve had a wonderful season and I’ve loved every minute of this year. Next year will be even more fun, I know!
Next week’s theme is “Still Life”.
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  1. You should have come by-we are just about 15 minutes away from there! We gave our tickets to Michael's grandma and she got to meet Josh Hamilton!

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