Photo of the Week 32 of 39 — Circle

This is an old wagon wheel in my yard. When I first put it in, I had planned to plant flowers in it. It’s in a really shady area and on a slight hill. I still think pansies would look just great in it, but for some reason, I’ve never done a thing with it. I don’t even notice it in the yard anymore. When I went out to photograph it, I was surprised that so many of the bricks had been displaced by the dogs and that there were so many weeds in it. I need to clean it up because for some reason, even without flowers, I still like it there.
Next week’s theme is “from ground level”.
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  1. pam q says:

    Yup! Pansies would look real cute in there—alternating the colors with each spoke….Nothing like giving you a little more work to do, is there???

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