Art Every Day Month — Day 12

Today’s art has been, what I consider, grunt work. I finished basting the two new art quilts. Then I picked out the embroidery floss that I’ll quilt the “Thou shalt NOT steal pecans!” quilt with. I was lucky to have colors very similar to the fabrics, so that the kantha stitching will blend in and highlight the fabrics instead of taking away from the words written on it. Just what I planned on this one. Next I finished ripping out the hand quilting on Stormy Weather. After taking out the basting, it was a breeze. Wish I had started the ripping in that manner.
I’ve decided to try to machine quilt Stormy Weather. Since I’m too tired and head-achy to attempt machine quilting tonight, which I’m not very good at in the first place, I won’t do that right now.
I want to hand quilt Happy (the orange and blue quilt) but I don’t have the color thread on hand that I want to use. So, that one is out until I can get to a quilt shop or order some thread by mail.
That leaves the pecan quilt. I think I’ll pull out some of the floss and get to work on it. I love kantha stitching. It’s relaxing and fun. I’ll show you the progress tomorrow.
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  1. artyowza says:

    The squirrels steal all the walnuts in August at my camp.Your fabric patterns reminded me of the artist Sean Scully.

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