Catching up on Life

I’ve been so enjoying the Art Every Day Month challenge. I have indeed done some type of art or done something creative every day this month. It’s been wonderful and opening. I think I’ll have to join her creative every day challenge during the month of February because that is a difficult month for me. So dark and gloomy. It may be a life saver this next year.

Today has been interesting and somewhat challenging. I haven’t gone to sleep easily since late August. Sometimes it’s out and out insomnia (which has visited me occasionally in the past) and sometimes it’s just that I can’t go to sleep until very early in the mornings. Usually between 2 and 3:30 a.m. This morning, I made it to bed about 1:40 a.m, but then couldn’t go to sleep. I hate that. That feeling of tiredness that just evaporates as soon as your head hits the pillow. I had set the alarm for 9 a.m. because I wanted to cook a pot of beans. Well, I slept right through that alarm. I didn’t even hear it. The phone ringing woke me after noon! I couldn’t believe how long I had slept, how late it was or how drugged I felt. Then I developed a migraine, which I was able to rid myself of fairly quickly and thankfully.

I’m pretty sure I figured out the reason for my drugged feeling. I’ve cut back on my effexor. I don’t feel that I need it any longer, despite the fact that my dr. said he thought I’d always need an anti-depressant and with my hubby’s lay-off, I’m trying to cut expenses. With no health care coverage, medications and dr. visits are an expense I’d like to cut down on. I do have enough sense to know if I start to slide backwards, that I’ll need to back off this idea. For now though, I am cutting down and I’ll deal with whatever side effects that will give me. Hopefully, not many if I do it with intelligence and slowly.

I am cooking my pot of beans and they are the best tasting I’ve made in a long while. Thankfully, I had soaked them over night, or it wouldn’t have happened today. I have turkey chili planned for tomorrow because it’s supposed to be a lot cooler. I hope it really is because the chili just needs to be served on a cooler day. Yesterday we had chicken and rice. I’m cooking more in addition to being more creative. Probably more because of the lay off than anything else though. Need to save money wherever possible. I am enjoying the home cooked food though.

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