Art Every Day Month — Day 22

I didn’t have the time or energy to post yesterday. First day I’ve missed posting all month, I do believe. I did have lots of art fun though. I went into Dallas and bought supplies to water color. I’ve wanted to learn to water color for so many years! I have signed up for a couple of classes over the years, but for one reason or another, it never happened. Now, I know nothing about water color, but I plan to jump in and paint anyway!
Then I went to my quilt class. It’s really more of a sit and sew with good friends now. It was fun. It was relaxing. It was inspiring. I got the “Happy” quilt quilted. Or I thought I did. With the help of my friends, I decided to add more quilting to it, so I’m now nowhere near done, but it was fun when I thought I was finished. I know I’ll like the quilt much more with the additional quilting on it too.
After all was said and done, I went to Barnes and Noble and got some magazines to feed my soul and need for art. After this post, I plan to sit in bed and read through them until I want to get up and sew or paint. If that doesn’t happen today, it’s OK. I’ll be soaking up inspiration and getting some much needed down time.
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3 Responses to Art Every Day Month — Day 22

  1. Hello fellow quilter 🙂 Magazines on quilting and art feed my soul to! Nothing better for inspiration.

  2. Susie says:

    I am glad you had a fun day with your quilting buddies. I was at a Barnes and Noble on Friday and got the Somerset Studio magazine, too! Have a relaxful read.

  3. pam q says:

    Oh, now I am soooo jealous!!!A trip to Barnes & Noble!!!What, were they out of British magazines??Ho! Ho!You quilters looked like you were having fun—nice of them to give you more "work" to do… Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

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