Art Every Day Month — Day 24

First I want to thank the people who left lovely comments for me on yesterday’s post! I love comments and they were all so nice. Thank you. You all gave me the courage to try to draw again today.

Looking back at my little wren from yesterday, I decided that I really like it. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll like my cardinal just as much. I probably should try to paint him and see if that helps any. I didn’t show my husband either drawings until tonight. He could at least identify the cardinal. He thought the wren was a chickadee. Oh well, he doesn’t know most birds from chickens, but he can at least tell that a bird is a bird.

Earlier today, I went to Happiness is Quilting in McKinney TX. I had to go up to Dallas to get an allergy shot so I figured I might as well have a little fun too. So, I went to the quilt shop to get more size 8 perle cotton embroidery thread. That’s what I prefer to use on my quote quilts. I had some DMC thread, but I wanted a particular color of Presencia. It’s the lighter blue in the photo of threads. Kind of a turquoise blue or maybe a Robin’s egg blue. Whatever color it is, I love it! I had several skeins of the 6 strand embroidery floss, but none of the perle cotton. It was hard to choose which quilt shop to go to. I’ve been wanting to go to my favorite quilt shop, Quilt Country in Lewisville, but I couldn’t remember if they carried Presencia thread. I headed to McKinney because I knew they did. I also got some iron on transfers for dish towels and some plain dish towels to embroider. I’ve really enjoyed the embroidery lately. Although I’m not letting myself start on these yet.

I have a mini to make for a Christmas exchange in a couple of weeks. I want to make another quote quilt for that, but I can’t decide on a funny quote. Have you got any ideas? After the party and mini exchange, I’ll be working on a gift that I’m extremely behind on. It’s a memory quilt for my daughter-in-law’s sister and her husband. They’re second child passed away after only a couple of days of life. I’ve been working on a quilt for them from his clothing for some time. It’s been an off and on project because it’s been difficult for me to work on. The time has come to finish it though. His parents really need it.

Then I can get back to and finish any of the quilts I’ve started and not finished during this month. It’s all going to be fun and I’m looking forward to almost all of it. Thanks for coming along with me.

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2 Responses to Art Every Day Month — Day 24

  1. Leah says:

    what a cute little cardinal!!

  2. pam q says:

    I love perle cottons! Actually, I love most any of the heavier embroidery-type threads and crochet cotton….What is it about them at attracts me so??Looks like you got some great colors—especially the olive green and the cinnamon-y one way to the left—at least that is the way the colors look on my monitor…

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