Art Every Day Month — Day 25

This is my favorite photo that I have ever taken. It was taken, I think in 1983, late summer. I’m thinking it was August or September. The photo is of my father and my son. My son turned 3 in early September of that year. My father was building the log house that my husband and I now live in. Our son lived in it too, for many years, until he married and went into the Air Force at the age of 18.
My son thought my father hung the moon! Oh, how he loved that man. Dad passed away on December 1st, 1995. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been almost 14 years since that day.
The day this photo was taken, dad was building this house. My husband helped him on the western wall of the house, up high standing on scaffolding. I carved the date into one of the logs on the NE corner of the house, which happens to be the laundry room wall. My son was playing in the dirt with his little Hot Wheel cars and running all over under the trees trying to have fun and keep cool in the hot Texas weather. Dad and my son took a break at some point to have a little visit. I still can’t believe I had a camera with me that day. That I captured this wonderful photograph, that says so much about my son and father and their relationship, is to me a small miracle. It is a treasure. So much so that my dear sister-in-law Charmaine recently painted a portrait of it. I picked it up from her a couple of days ago. After much debate, I think we’ve finally figured out where to hang it. I’ll take a photo of it hanging in a day or so and post it, so that you can see how talented she is.
I guess it’s not fair to claim this photo as my art for today. Really, that was not my intention. I have been racking my brain all day, between choirs and errands, to think of quotes for the quilt I want to do. I’ve also read several older posts on a favorite blog, ornamental. Ornamental is definitely an artist date you can take for yourself right in your own home. That’s what I did for my art today. I checked out a beautiful, inspirational blog that feeds my soul and creativity and I found great phrases for my quote quilts.
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  1. I love this picture too. My mom has a copy and I come across it every few years and I feel like I can feel the leaves crunching under my feet and smell the smell of smoke from the fire pit or donkeys or goats and the way the wood of the logs in your house smelled, and of running around like wild heathens with Joshua. Happy, happy times.

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