Art Every Day Month — Day 28

There are only a few more days left in this Art Every Day Month. Be sure to check out the other art being made.

I have nothing to show you of today’s fun. The project I just finished up, is a gift for someone who reads this blog. I don’t want them to see it before it arrives in their hot little hands.
Yesterday, I slept just about the whole dog gone day. Literally. I not only didn’t make any type of art, I didn’t even think of making any art. I did look at a very few of the other folks who had posted their art for the 27th day. It’s the first day I missed working on something all month. Makes me a bit sad, but it could not be helped.
Late on Thanksgiving, I looked at many of the blog postings for art that day. One precious woman had drawn a turkey using her hand as the body, like we all did when we were kids in school. I wrote down the link to the turkey drawing, but now I can’t find it. I’ve lost lots of things today. I’m sorry I can’t give her credit for the idea. (If you read this, you know who you are and I’d welcome a comment with a link to your turkey.) I loved her turkey and remembered mine from childhood fondly. So, I made another one, which I share with you here. The other photo was taken on Wednesday night after playing with watercolor paints. I wanted to see what each of the colors looks like, so I started to paint them and write down their names. I didn’t get finished, but this is a fair start. It was the very first time I’ve used watercolors since I was a kid and would get them in a little tray with maybe 6 or 8 colors in little dry paint ovals. Remember those? * I found the blog, the link is right here. The blog is “A Desire to get Creative: The Art of Michelle Halpern”.
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  1. pam q says:

    Oh, yes! I remember those little tin boxes of watercolors! I loved them! Almost as much as the big boxes of crayons……Can't wait to see what you paint!!!

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