My Blue Willow

Pam and I have talked about our blue willow dishes in the past. I mentioned to her that mine had the gate open. She’d never seen any with a gate open. So, here is a photo of one of my plates.
I used to have several different types of blue willow by various manufacturers. They all cost various amounts and came from different places, although most came from resale shops, yard sales or antique malls and even eBay. After finding this EIT blue willow and deciding that it was my favorite, I sold and gave away all my other blue willow by other makers. English Ironstone Tableware is what the EIT stands for. Made in England, of course. I have no idea how long it’s been made, but I know it’s not as old as some of the other blue willow. Probably not as old as most of the other blue willow, for that matter, but it suits us. We use it for our everyday dishes. The mark on the back of ours is just a plain EIT, nothing else. It’s kind of indented into the dish and has no ink. I guess it was pressed into the ironstone before it was fired. We have plates, cereal bowls and berry bowls. I sold the cups and saucers in the last yard sale because we prefer to use mugs and just really don’t have room for things we don’t actually use.
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One Response to My Blue Willow

  1. pam q says:

    Now I see what you mean about the open gate! Mine all have the closed gate….I have heard that there are lots of variations in the Blue Willow pattern—I made your photo big and then held up one of my plates—they have lots of similarities, but also many differences.I will get some photos of my Blue Willow the next day we have sun {which may be awhile from the sound of it…} and post them for you.Thanks for the pictures!!!

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