Finished one of my Minis

Spoiler Alert! If you’re in my Quilting Friends group, you shouldn’t read this post until Sunday 12/13. In fact, if you’ve read this far, it may be too late. Sorry.

I’m totally finished with the Thou Shalt Not Steal Pecans quilt. My right thumb looks a little like hamburger meat. I was trying to hurry my hand quilting yesterday and I kept poking myself. It was truly difficult to continue to work on it today. Thankfully, I had very little quilting left. Then all I had to do was put the binding, label and the hanging sleeve on. And it only took me until 11:30 PM to do it all.

I have to admit that I love this quilt. I don’t know if anyone else really does, but I really do. This is my second totally original quilt. Black Cat was the first. Black Cat was donated to my quilt guild’s live miniature auction last year. Pecans will be given as a gift in our Quilting Friends Christmas party. It’s going to be difficult to give up Pecans. I’ll miss it.

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