Mopping Walls

In the top photo, if you look to the right above the curtain, you’ll see streaks from a roof leak. At the time, we had a metal roof and that streaked stuff that ran down my walls is the roof coat. To be honest, we’ve had the new roof for some time now, but I was afraid that the streaks wouldn’t come off, so I never even tried to clean them. Pretty sad, I know.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was vacuuming walls as part of getting ready for decorating. Well, vacuuming the walls just highlighted those streaks. The time had come to try to wash them off, if possible. I used a sponge mop, Murphy’s Oil Soap, hot water and a little elbow grease and scrubbed the walls. It worked! In that top photo, to the left of the curtain is the mopped wall. Can you see the difference? I sure can and you should see it in person. That part of the house looks brand new again!
There is, of course, one big problem with this newly cleaned wall portion. The problem is that I now need to mop/scrub all the walls in the house! I know I won’t get time to do this until after the holidays. In the last photo, you can see the wall that had the majority of streaks all clean and shiny. Above the curtain on the left is where I need to re-vacuum. My vacuum cleaner doesn’t sound full when it’s full of wall dust like it does when it’s full of floor dirt. I was obviously tired by the time I got to that section of wall and I obviously had a full vacuum bag. I didn’t even notice that the vacuum wasn’t picking up all of the dust any longer. It makes me tired just to look at it. I don’t even want to think of vacuuming and mopping the walls of the whole house yet. Sure will look pretty when it’s done.
*I just enlarged each photo to look at them. I can see that I missed some streaks toward the top (second photo) of the wall. I was pretty tuckered when I thought I was finished. And you couldn’t see the streaks because the wall was still wet. Guess I’ll be double checking and re-mopping too. Sheesh.
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