Making it my own!

My sister, mother, niece and I all went shopping to this wonderful place — Old Town Spring — on one of my recent visits to my sister’s house. There was a shop there that I totally fell in love with. Thad’s had all kinds of unique items and lots and lots of fantastic Christmas things. There was a beautiful, unusual wreath that I wanted so badly! It was large and full of vintage ornaments! You could hardly see the green of the foliage for all the great little do-dads. If money was no concern, I would have left with it that day, but I live in the real world where people get laid off right before the holidays, so I didn’t.

The wreath at Thad’s had a vintage Santa cup (I put a new one on my wreath, it only cost $1 at Michael’s!), a vintage white plastic reindeer (we had some when I was a child, but I’m looking for some now), vintage glass ornaments (I put a few on mine) and several small wrapped packages (momma has some that she’s bringing to me).

My wreath isn’t quite as wonderful as the one at Thad’s, but I do love it. Even though I don’t consider it finished yet, it is finished for this year. I used ornaments I had already. Ornaments that looked vintage to me, although most of them aren’t that old. In the next year, I will continue to look for vintage Christmas things and ornaments to add to my wreath. I want it to end up being just as spectacular as the wreath at Thad’s.

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