"Holly" Jewelry set

Hubby and I are going to his sister Charmaine’s tomorrow for Christmas Eve dinner. I’m not entirely sure what clothing I’ll wear, but I did want to make some jewelry to wear to the gathering. So, tonight I pulled out my new green glass beads and started playing. I knew I wanted it to be Christmasy looking, so I pulled out all of my reds, whites, clears and other greens also.
My garnets are beautiful, but too dark for Christmas and rather brown looking, like most of my other red beads, which I hadn’t realized before and I find rather disappointing. The garnet beads are what I had originally planned to use, so on to plan B since they just wouldn’t do. I had 30 lovely little green, red and white millefiori beads that I almost incorporated into the necklace. I also tried some Swarovski Crystal AB beads, but I really liked this combination of the glass beads and coral best once I came across them together.
It’s the shortest necklace I’ve made for myself since I’ve been making jewelry. I couldn’t make it any longer. I used all of my coral beads in this. The earrings are the first I’ve ever made. I call this the Holly set. It looks like abstract holly leaves and berries to me.
Merry Christmas!
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  1. pam q says:

    oooo! You will look very Christmas-y in your new jewels!You sound like me—I always try a whole bunch of different bead combinations every time I make a necklace.And what I end up with looks nothing like what I started with.You should take a picture of you wearing your new creations….

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