One Little Update on The Best is yet to Come

Just want to clarify that when I’m talking about eating better and exercising, my goal is to get healthy. If I do lose weight and get trimmer in the bargain, that will be an added bonus. I want to see my grandkids grow up. I want to see them get married and have children. I want to see them be happy. What a blessing that would be. What more could a gramma want?

Even more than that, I want to be comfortable in my clothes. I want my knee to feel better. I want to walk miles at a time and enjoy it. I want to find a bra that fits and is pretty and comfortable. I want to actually wear the clothes that I always picture myself in. I want to be much more fit.

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1 Response to One Little Update on The Best is yet to Come

  1. pam q says:

    I hear you!Being fit/healthy is the most important part.Healthy food is good!You will be surprised at how empowered you feel when you start to exercise…. When you start to see some results!When you start to feel the difference!But finding a bra that fits???I gave up on that a long time ago.

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