Wreck This Journal

I’ve been working on my “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith since right around Easter. I’m not finished with it yet. I only work on it with my grandkids or when I just want to doodle or experiment. Or play! She has several different books out. All of which I’d like to get.
These are a couple of the pages that I’ve worked on recently. I’ve enjoyed working on them very much and I hate that I’ve finally filled up the pages of circles. So much so that I may have to put circles on a another page or two, just for the heck of it.
The stamps have been extremely fun too. I wish I had been pasting used stamps in books for years! I just think of all the cool stamps that I’ve bought to send off to other people and never seen again and I get a little sad. Then I look at these two pages and think of the ones to come. I’ll never skip over an envelope again. And I can always use the stamp glued pages for other art at some point in the future. You just never know what will happen. It will also be a great way to cover up pages in the journal that I’m not overly fond of.
I highly recommend this book and anything else that Keri Smith has written. *each name has a different link

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2 Responses to Wreck This Journal

  1. pam q says:

    I see the stamps I sent there!!!Cool!!!

  2. Sharon says:

    Yes, those little quilt basket stamps are by far my favorites!

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