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One World One Heart Event 2010!

Comments are officially closed for the giveaway! Winners will be announced at 1 PM today! *** Don’t forget to leave an email address if you post anonymously I can’t find you without one!!! The One World One Heart event for … Continue reading

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More Simple things or Just Plain Grateful

I stopped yesterday when I got to 27. I could have easily gone on — for a long, long time. Today, as I drove in the rain to the post office, I started thinking of more things I’m grateful for. … Continue reading

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27 Simple Things that bring me JOY

I checked out Pam’s blog this morning to find that she had found a wonderful blog. Christina at Soul Aperture is donating $1 for every list of simple things that bring you joy, up to $250, to Doctors without Borders … Continue reading

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I’ve been sick for a couple of days. Don’t know what I have, but I’m sleeping a lot and feel more than crummy. I even had to postpone my hand quilting class today. Bummer.

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New Addictions

Thanks to my sweet sister, Teresa. I am now addicted to! I spent hours on there last night looking at towns near and far for a leather sofa and recliner (that I can’t even afford to get yet)! Then … Continue reading

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Reaping the sins of a Procratinator

I am a procrastinator. I know my sister is too, but I don’t think our mother is and I don’t think our father was. How in the hell did we come to be procrastinators? How did I get this way? … Continue reading

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I just Love People!

Since the horrible earthquake in Haiti, the spirit of people and the willingness to help those in need has been something that I’ve found more than heartwarming. I told you about a couple of blogs who were donating in their … Continue reading

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My First of 6 Changes

According to the 6 Changes website, accountability is extremely important in changing habits. Leo Babauta says on the website: “Two steps in the 6 Changes method are extremely crucial, even if many people will be tempted to skip them: 1. … Continue reading

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Friday Self Portraits

Fridays seem to be the day that I take my self portraits. So far, this is not an enjoyable exercise for me — as you can see by the photos and the quality of them. I decided the only way … Continue reading

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What is

It’s a new site by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and author of The Power of Less. It’s the antidote to the failure of New Year’s Resolutions. It’s simple: 1. Pick 6 habits you’d like to form in 2010. Yes, … Continue reading

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