Katie, the Terror

Katie needs to go to school. She needs private “doggie learn your manners” school.

Life on the ranch has been pure chaos lately. Last week, every time I ran an errand, Katie destroyed something. She shredded the sofa cushion one day. I came home to find bits and pieces and ripped fabric everywhere! We now need a new sofa. I am not kidding. There was not enough left to try to salvage. I had to throw it away. When I called one of my best friends, Beth, to rant and rave, rather than kill the sweet little doggie, she was not sympathetic. I think she may have even laughed. She has cats.

Two other times last week, Katie ripped open trash bags and she pulled dirty clothes out of the bathroom to play with, lay on and chew on. I didn’t think she had actually hurt anything until I washed hubby’s work slacks today. The ones we bought less than two full weeks ago. I pulled one pair out of the dryer to find little Katie teeth holes in the upper outside of the leg. At that point, looking at those holes and then flashing back to all the trash, the clothes and sofa pieces I had picked up, my vision went a bit red! I said out loud that it was a good thing she’s a dog and not a horse because I’d be taking her to the glue factory if she was a horse. Of course, if I ever had a horse chew up my sofa, I might have more problems than just needing to train it better.

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2 Responses to Katie, the Terror

  1. SE'LAH... says:

    your log cabin quilt header is just gorgeous!!!!hope you are enjoying your week.one love.

  2. I feel your pain! Remember Barkley? Our sixty lb shelter rescue? Well he was a terror at first. Jumping! Chewing! It was awful. He ate our air conditioner! One thing that helped with the chewing was Grannick's Sour Apple (I think that was what it was called), which I sprayed on everything and is an odorless, natural deterent. Then we sent him to puppy school. It was $500 for a month. It really helped. He weighs 110 lbs now and he's still active, but no more jumping, he walks on a leash, he sits, he doesn't jump, and for the most part he behaves. Good luck!

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