It’s Snowing in Texas Too

I think that a big snow flake plopped into my eye right before I snapped this photo. Hard to believe it got behind my glasses to do that, but it did. I was also getting wet and starting to get cold from being outside. It was my second trip out to take photos and I’d recently taken the dogs out too. I don’t like being cold. I don’t particularly like being in snow, but this was so pretty and something we don’t get often. I loved it! I kept finding myself stopping what I was doing in the house to watch and then I grab the camera and head back out. I had to force myself to put this photo of me on the blog. I don’t like to be reminded of my size and I don’t think this even looks like me. But, then again, maybe it does and I just don’t realize it. Ahhhh, life. The way we can hide from ourselves can be amazing at times.

Many places in the United States get more snow than we do on a regular basis and this year they really have. Still, I wanted to share my photos of my little yard of snowy fun and beauty. I’m hoping that there will be more to show you tomorrow because it is still coming down.

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  1. pam q says:

    I like your picture!It looks like you have "frosting on top"…..Now where are the sprinkles???I think I need to go to bed……Glad you are back, Sharon!

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