New Mud Boots!

If there was ever a winter that I needed mud boots, it is indeed this winter! It’s been a rainy beast of a winter. I have to go outside to get to my laundry room, which was tacked onto the house as an afterthought. It’s rained way more than usual. It’s snowed more than once this year too. Very usual for us. It has been miserable, to say the least. If I didn’t have my new mud boots, I couldn’t really do the laundry because my outside chores shoes have holes all around the toes. They are some sort of cheap knock off shoes of those little cute things that I can’t remember the names of, but little girls started putting some kind of doodads in the holes of the real ones. Anyway, they just weren’t working for me, so I got new mud boots and I am happy. Of course, Katie liked them too. Fortunately I got them away from her before she liked them to death. They only have one rip and one hole in the left boot now. I’ll have to add a photo of that another day.
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  1. pam q says:

    Well, I see you have now begun to take pictures of your feet and post them to your blog……It is actually kind of fun, isn't it????Go ahead.Admit it. 😉

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