*Gift of Jewels* — Thank You!

I can’t remember now how I first came across the Necessary Room blog. I do know that it was right after the earthquake in Haiti. (By the way, the folks in Haiti still need lots of help. It’s not too late to donate!) I know I loved the blog immediately. I found the writer, Se’lah to be very warm and caring and a wonderful writer. I wanted to take off my shoes, curl up and visit with her for a while. A few days after discovering Se’lah’s blog, I saw her post about the gift of jewels postcard swap. I just had to be a part of it! When the time came, Se’lah emailed me the name and address of my jewel. I can’t tell you who I got because I don’t think my jewel has gotten the items I mailed yet. I also started eagerly awaiting the item to come in the mail to me. No telling who had me for a jewel.

Today, I got a package from Tracey K. in Ohio! I was Tracey’s jewel and she sent me a gift! It was a very nice letter and a wonderful little calendar! The calendar has a great quote for each month. I love quotes! It was all so nice and very sweet of Tracey to do for me. I’m going to sit down in the next day or two and send her a letter too. She didn’t send her email address and said that she didn’t have a blog. So, I’m going to get in touch the old fashioned snail mail way.

Thank you Se’lah for organizing this swap and thank you Tracey for my gift and letter. I’ll be in touch soon. Now, if my jewel will just get what I sent……

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4 Responses to *Gift of Jewels* — Thank You!

  1. SE'LAH... says:

    Oh Sharon…this post has me all teary eyed. It is this type of happiness that the *gift of jewels* project aims to achieve. And how wonderful that you will have a real snail-mail pen pal. I love it.I'm so glad that you joined in and I'm happy that we met too. Thanks for the wonderful words you've written here. You touch my heart.one love.

  2. Tracey says:

    OMG! Sharon, it is me! – Tracey K.!!! I am SO overcome w/emotion right now! I feel lifted right outta my seat! What a lovely, lovely post. I cannot believe in all my babble, I did not give you my email; I will send it to you asap, however, I will be watching out for your snail mail!! So much love & joy being spread!!! Se'Lah; how many times can I tell you that you are an angel? 🙂

  3. Sharon says:

    Tracey, I'm so glad you looked on the blog because I still haven't written that snail mail letter. Life went haywire here at home right after I said that and I haven't done it yet. I clicked on the link from your name here and there still isn't an actual link to your email address. If you see this, email me through the link on my "complete profile" link. It's located under my photo on the main page of the blog. Otherwise, don't give up on me. I will get a letter or card in the mail to you this month, but it may be after the quilt show next week. 😉 Hugs, Sharon

  4. Sharon says:

    Duh. Tracey, you can also click on my name on this comment and get to the email link, I think. It's late. I'm tired. I'm not thinking clearly.

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