Chew Bones and the Odd Behavior they Inspire

As I write this, Barkley is eating his rawhide bone. Katie is trying desperately to bury hers with her nose — in the fabric of the cover on the couch. We noticed this behavior, that we consider odd, but we realize is probably due her breed, the very first time she was given a rawhide bone. I’ve never seen her use her paws to bury with, just her little nose. That is what I consider so odd. She won’t want to chew on this bone until Barkley is totally finished with his. Sometimes, he takes hers away from her at that point. He is much larger than her. She allows it with no fuss. Sometimes, we take it away so there won’t be a fuss. Sometimes, we all forget about it and there is a fuss later. Sometimes, on rare occasions, Barkley will go to sleep and she will uncover her bone and chew it at her own leisure. Life can be grand on Chaos Ranch.

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